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"The tale is the map that is the territory. You must remember this.” - Neil Gaiman

The Wuwei institute is a dream.

It is a dream of a future where we live more connected lives in harmony with our surroundings. It is a vision of raising monasteries dedicated to the practices of non-action. But the dream is yet to be realized.

The Wuwei Institute was founded in 2018 with the intention of spreading practices that enable people to skillfully navigate their realities based on principles of non-action.

Accepting uncertainty paradoxically breeds directionality. Our hope is that this initiative in time will grow into a physical manifestation from where the practices of Wuwei can spread.

Wuwei is a Daoist expression meaning “non-action”, or maybe more precisely “action through non-action”. Wuwei points towards a form of natural, relaxed, effortless, spontaneous and harmonious being in full acceptance of what is present – moving with the flow of things.

When we work with non-action we are traversing unknown territory and move into a field of not-knowing. The source of movement is sensitivity for that which is and a core practice is to become silent in our minds to give space for experiencing more of what is going on in the moment. To allow ourselves to be changed and co-created by the world instead of stubbornly holding on to our ideas about who we are and what the world is.

The known is contained within the mysterious unknown. By relaxing and unlearning what we believe is true we can see the world as it is really unfolding in the moment. The ideas (dogma, truths, moralities) we hold about both ourselves and about the world is makes us stiff, inflexible and out of touch with the flow of life.

The opposite of being stiff and holding on to fixed ideas is connecting with uncertainty and generosity. Wuwei offers us the freedom to be generous in sharing our skills and in sharing ourselves. There are no secrets and teaching becomes a practice of vulnerability rather than superiority.

The intention with Wuwei Denmark is to promote workshops and seminars, that connects to the principles of non-action such as authentic relating, martial art, therapy and bodywork. In martial art as well as in everyday life the ability to be with what is central for being in harmony with your surroundings. A fundamental sensitivity for and accept of your relationship with the world around you is the basis of skillful action, no matter what you are trying to achieve.