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"Awareness precedes change" - Peter Ralston


Taiji Quan is an internal martial art originating in China. The practice is focused around balance, relaxation and yielding/sticking to incoming force rather than resisting.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to study under the Danish sifu Torben Bremann for more than 10 years and to have touched hands with great people such as Peter Ralston, William Chen and Sam Tam.

If you are interested in taiji i strongly recommend Torbens online video programme at www.exploringtaiji.com

In taiji the wuwei principle is at the very core. You constantly work with letting go of preconceived ideas about what is the right way to move in relation to another body and try to relax into perfect equilibrium.


Circling has been a big part of my life and personal transformation since 2014, where I first met John Thompson and Sean Wilkinson – the founders of Circling Europe.

In circling we bring our presence, aliveness and vulnerability into connection with a group. We attempt to reveal our authentic humanness, what we are actually experiencing, in every moment. This opens for some very deep meetings as we allow ourselves to seen without our shields and really see others in their unfiltered vulnerable beauty.

When Circling we connect to the wuwei principle by focusing on what is emerging in every moment rather than our preconceived ideas of who we are.

Conscious dance

Dance has been a central part of my life for the last 7 years. I started out with tango and from there went on to blues dancing and contact improvisation.

While I don’t teach dance myself I am very inspired by how conscious movement can impact our lives and desire to promote dance events through this page.

Dancing for me connects to the wuwei principle when we let go of our ideas of correctness and allow our bodies to move with and through eachother.

Body Therapy

The sensitivity work I have done through taijiquan has given me an intuitive understanding of bodies and I love doing improvised bodywork sessions.

I have been studying with the ManuVision body therapy school since January 2019 which has given me a good framework to work from.

Body therapy connects to the wuwei principle when sensitivity and connection is at the core of the work done and technique is applied as something secondary.