Summer Retreat

The Art of Relating

Summer Retreat

The Art of Relating

This retreat is intended as a deepdive into the art of relating. It will be a chance to explore how you relate to yourself, to others and to nature.

The retreat has two main components. Firstly we will work with the practices of (mainly) Tai Chi & Qigong and Circling & Surrendered Leadership as tools for understanding what it means to relate. Secondly we will spend time together and explore what it means to simply be human.

The retreat is an intimate experience for 15 participants and takes place in the beautiful archipelago of Southern Norway from August 21-27.

I’ve been at two Weekends of Circling with Peter and found them to be perfectly challenging and wonderfully inspiring. Peter combines a sensitive empathy with a direct honesty that opens a safe and exciting space for exploring. I’m very grateful for my experiences and would recommend Peter and his approach to Circling to anyone who is interested in exploring themselves and how they show up with others.

Ernest Holm Svendsen

A programme with room for living


The schedule will be weather dependent as we want to give space and time for bathing, fishing, walks in the forest and chilling in the sun. You can expect scheduled activities for around 6 hours pr. day. The schedule that looks something like what you see below, but there will be changes based on the energy in the group and the weather.

While the main scheduled activities at the retreat are Tai Chi and Qigong and Circling and Surrendered Leadership, during the retreat we will also introduce and play with other practices such as sitting meditation, bodywork, authentic relating games, embodiment practices and various aspects of relating to nature. There will be optional, facilitated meditation sessions every morning and plenty of time for self-exploration.

The daily blank slot in the program is a chance to relax or explore the possibilities of the area. There will be organized fishing trips, oyster safaris, island explorations, mushroom picking and expeditions to the local bronze age settlement. Swimming, sun bathing, forest walks and bike trips to local, scenic villages are among the other possible options.

Peter has trained with me for 15 years now and has developed to become a very qualified practitioner and teacher in Taiji and Qigong as well as other disciplines under the name of Internal Martial Arts. He belongs to a small exclusive group of instructors who are the only qualified instructors in Europe to teach the system of Master Sam Tam. He has put in a lot of effort and thousands of hours of learning and practice to become the skillful practitioner and teacher he is today. I can only give him my highest recommendation.

Torben Bremann

Introduction to

The Core Practices

The same wisdom and pressence Peter brings to his circling (and thats profound), he brings to his body therapy. I came seeking respite for an aching back, he helped me navigate my depression and release surpressed feeling making it easier to be in myself. Every session has given me a lot of relief, I've felt seen and supported and felt like it was bringing me forward. It's been one of few things I've been looking forward to from a place where most things seemed bleak and pointless.

Morten Skovgaard Andersen

Meet the



The retreat will be a unique chance to go deep in the profound practices: Tai Chi and Qigong and Circling and Surrendered Leadership. These practices have shaped my life in profound ways and has opened for new understandings of truth, freedom and love. With this retreat I want to invite you into an exploration of body and mind, moving toward effortless being and action. 

The retreat is held at one of the most beautiful places I know of. You are invited into the heart of my childhood for an all inclusive retreat where we will play with all the amazing practices that brings us in touch with our humanness – surrounded by nature and the sea. We will share three meals a day of healthy, delicious vegetarian/pescatarian food based on home grown vegetables, self caught fish and berries and mushrooms from the local forest.

We want to have the retreat at this venue to create an intimate, personal and most of all real setting for exploration of what it means to be human.
– Peter Munthe-Kaas

I was introduced to circling some time ago by someone else and had quite a bad experience, which unfortunately left me with a bad impression of the practice. However, keeping an open mind and diving into it again, after my participation in Wuwei's September 2019 Immersion I can confidently say that I have fallen in love with circling. I had such an impactful and meaningful experience, that I would like to recommend everyone to explore the space that Peter and Ronja facilitate. There is a lot of potential for finding your own authentic truth and practicing expressing it in a safe container. Thank you for the fantastic experience!

Anelia Mitova

Prices for different needs

Pricing options

We have various options for accommodation available depending on your budget and your need for comfort and privacy. You can book a beed or a room below. Alternately you can write an email to Peter ( with your wishes and we will do our best to accommodate you. All prices include a full vegetarian/pescetarian meal plan based on the vegetables of the season and the catches of the day.

Explore the Norwegian Archipelago

About the Venue

The venue is “Kaasestua” which has been in Peters family for a few generations now. It is a 300+ m2 house in a rural area located in the archipelago of Southern Norway, half an hour outside of Kristiansand. The house is close to the forest and 50m from the ocean. It  comes with a large garden,  private bathing bridge, boat and our own developing vegetable garden.